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How Do You Become A Physician, Dentist Or Attorney Of Immense Influence In As Little As Seven Hours Of Your Own Time?

BTW, much less time if it’s a children’s book…

Our company makes writing your book extremely fast and easy for you.

Instead of you writing every single word of your book, which can literally take years, all you need to do is speak your book…during a few strategic interviews on the telephone.

Our team will transcribe your strategic interviews and then our editorial experts ghostwrite your book for you…in your voice.

Since you have full editorial control, it’s your book.  This means you are the author.  You own the copyright.  You have total control of your intellectual property.

Look, writing great non-fiction or even “copy” (the words that sell, captivate and engage) takes serious work and expertise.

Our unique author system guides you every step of the way so you can quickly write a great book and get published even if you have no time.



A Sample Of Our Ghostwriting:


Picture this scenario if you dare.

You wake up one morning, roll out of bed and stumble into the bathroom to get a shower. As you’re getting undressed you suddenly become aware that your eyes are watering heavily.

You grab a wash cloth and wipe away the moisture from across your cheeks and around your eyes. Afterwards, you’re shocked to see that your wash cloth is now stained with bright red streaks.

You quickly check in the mirror and, to your horror, you see tears of blood are oozing from the corners of your eyes and rolling slowly down your face.

How would you react?

Would you press the wash cloth into your eyes until the bleeding stops, shrug your shoulders and carry on with your day as if nothing had happened?

Or would you scream in panic, call 911 and request an ambulance for a ride to the nearest hospital emergency room?

I’m guessing you’d do something similar to the latter. And yet, most people, if they’re brushing their teeth and spit blood into the sink, react in a manner closer to the former.

Why is it that bleeding gums are treated in such a cavalier fashion when abnormal bleeding from our bodies would terrify us and move us to take swift, immediate action?

Is it because bleeding gums aren’t usually accompanied by pain? Doubtful.

If your eyes were bleeding you’d be racing to the emergency room whether there was pain present or not.

So maybe it has more to do with the fear of the dentist chair and the fear of pain. Maybe, deep down, we’d rather risk losing a tooth than make an unscheduled visit to our dentist.

We tell ourselves that it’s “just one of those things” and that we just need to floss a bit more regularly.

To be fair, bleeding gums could be a result of overzealous flossing, a reaction to medication or even a change in hormones such as what occurs during pregnancy.

It COULD be one those reasons.

But it’s MORE likely to be periodontal disease. So why take the risk?

If you brush or floss and blood appears from between your teeth or gums, you must visit a dentist or periodontist as soon as possible to get it checked out. Why? More on that in a moment.


Our team ghostwrote the above prose for the first chapter of a book we created for a dentist client.

So, how do you write a great book for your patients or clients?

Whether you write every single word of your book on your own or you hire a ghostwriter to help, think about this…

Who is the primary target audience for your book?

If it’s your prospective patients or clients, you must get inside their heads.  Determine and examine the actual conversation going on inside their minds so you can recognize their true desires and fears.

Next, communicate your solutions and why you are the correct person to solve their problems.

If you do this effectively, your book will position you as the ultimate authority in your city, state, industry or even the nation.

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